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Natural Fresh & Brackish Water Sources 

Natural sources of water include surface water (ponds, rivers, lakes, etc.), under river flow, stormwater & fresh or brackish water & groundwater.

The World's Water Cycle

Through the global water cycle, water is contimuously transferred from one bassin into another. The graphic illustrates the global water cycle, whereby around 577'000 km3 of water circulates through the cycle each year. 

During this hydrologic cycle, replenishment of the bassins occurs naturally when rain, stormwater and the flow from rivers, streams and creeks seep into an aquifer. Water then stays within these bassins from 1 week up to 10,000 years. This is called "residence time range".

The Water Equation 

Water is available on earth since billions of years. Knowing that water is a finite resource reveals how precious this resource truly is.  Simply put:

  1. Availability must cover our Needs
  2. Quality must guarantee a safe Use
  3. Only a responsible Management of water resources can balance the "NEEDS - AVAILABILITY - QUALITY" - Equation.

Why Can't We Just Make Water?  

Water is made of 2 hydrogen atoms attached to 1 oxygen atom. This seems like pretty basic chemistry, so why don’t we just combine them together and solve the world­’s water problems?

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Theoretically, this is possible, but it would be an extrem­ely dangerous process. 

  • Mixing hydrogen & oxygen together doesn’t help! You’re still left with just separate hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The orbits of each atom’s electrons must become linked, and to do that we must have a sudden burst of energy to get these shy things to hook up.
  • ­Since hydrogen is extremely flammable and oxygen supports combustion, it wouldn’t take much to create this force.  All we need is a spark – not even a flame – and boom! we have water....but...
  • But we also have an explosion and – if our experiment was big enough, a deadly one. To create enough drinking water to sustain the global population, a very dangerous and incredibly large-scale process would be required.

How Shoud Natural Waters be Used?  
Avoiding Water Depletion & 

Water Pollution

It is crucial that management of natural water sources are regulated by local Government in order to ensure protection and sustainable use. 

Depletion of water means scarcity of water which means that water sources are running dry. To prevent water sources from running dry, the withdrawl rate shall never exceed the replenishing rate - whether natural or artifically. 

Pollution of water occurs with every use of water. Pollution can be reduced (i) by limiting the pollution when using water and (ii) by depolluting water after use through innovative treatment systems designed to efficiently remove the specific pollution. 

We all share the same responsibility in preserving our most precious resource. 

Moving towards a circular water economy with decentralized infrastructure ensures a more efficient treatment & management of water and results in an economic & ecologic win-win for everyone.

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