Innovative Water Treatment Tailored To Your Needs

Drinking Water Units

Mobile & Off The Grid 

For Saline, Brackish or Sweet  Water

Potable Water


Innovative Equipment
Engineered into a Unique Process

HiLLSBRiDGE Global Water engineered a 1st of its kind System, 

treating any Natural Water into Drinking Water. 

Autonomous Potable Water Unit


Up to 500 people 

Up to 500 to 10'000 Liters per Day

Input Water:

Sea Water, Brackish Water, Natural Water (lakes, rivers, etc)


Mobile Design & Autonomous Operation

Powered By PhotoVoltaic

Lowest Energy Consumption

Why Does It Work?  Because it Combines  

Patented Low-Energy Water Purification 

Active Quality Monitoring in ONE System

I. Ceramic Stage

Ceramic Membranes ensure an efficient & safe removal of impurities, bacteria & viruses:


  • Flow Rate: within a reasonable range to adapt to seasonal irrigation water needs. 
  • Energy Consumption: Low pressure to feed subsequent equipment with the right flow rate saves energy. 
  • Materiel: the right material resistant to the corrosive character of brackish water reduces Opex.
  • Supply Chain:  chosing internationally renowned pumps available locally, customized to handle corrosive water & heat maximizes operation time.

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II. Desalination Stage

New Low-Energy Desalination Process eliminates main downside of desalination


  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Low Backflush Water Needs & Cycles
  • Low OPEX (Energy, Manpower, Maintenance, etc.)
  • Low Space requirement
  • Continuous & Fully Automated Operation & Cleaning in Place
  • No Chemicals Required
  • No Contaminated Waste Disposal  

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III. Disinfection & Quality Control

You can only Manage what You can Measure! 

Monitor Your Water Quality for Peace of Mind.


  • Constant Savings In Irrigation Water Expenses
  • Comply with Technical Regulations & Sustainable  Urban Develoment Plans
  • No Unplaned Landscape Maintenance
  • Preserving Natural Beauty of Communities
  • No Blockage of Irrigation Network & Nozzles

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