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You know your business best. So do we.

From design & financing to operation & maintenance, we provide you with clean water on site.

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We help companies with instant results:

  • Drastic savings on water bills
  • Improvement of cash-flow
  • Achievement of environmental goals
  • Comply with Government Strategies

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Save to Grow. Water tariffs will certainly not decrease. In fact, global water & wastewater tariffs grow above inflation (GWI, 2017).

Recycling for Reuse is a solution.


Is Significantly Reducing Your Water Consumption Important to You?

Hotels, Hospitals, Laundries, Shopping Malls, Airports, , District Cooling, High Rise Buildings & Communities, Pulp & Paper, F&B or Textile Industry.

Use high quality recycled water for your process water, washwater, for cooling purposes, irrigation, toilet flushing or even potable water. A Plug & Play solution.


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1. Contact & Meet Us: Call us or drop us an email. We will schedule a meeting and site visit. 

2. Tell Us About You:  What are your water & wastewater issues? High bills, quality or supply issues?

3. Get Your Savings Plan: We design your very own Savings Plan which also includes our guaranteed Value Plan.


The Value Plan -
Our Commitment to You

  1. Zero O&M costs
  2. Zero Investment 
  3. See What You Get - Our Small Scale Demo-Unit Recycles Your Water Instantly On Site
  4. Most Compact Treatment Process Available
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Customer Stories

Ajay Kanoujiya - Owner & General Manager of Al Nouras Automatic Laundry

We at Al Nouras Automatic Laundry had the pleasure of getting introduced to water recycling by Hillsbridge Investment Group. 

The cooperative staff of Hillsbridge provided us with lots of knowledge about water and its management. 

We are glad to have Hillsbridge as a part of our business because we save money and reduce wastage of one of the most valuable resources on earth - water. 

DP World - UAE Region

DP World UAE Region's approach to sustainability goes beyond fulfilling a legal obligation. Sustainability is a fundamental aspect of being a responsible business; for our customers, our people, our society and our environment.

Water recycling is an integral part of DP World's water conservation program to reduce our water footprint.

We are happy that Hillsbridge contributes to DP World's sustainability goals by recycling water in our staff accommodation. 

Experience the Technology at Work

What does recycled water look like? How does YOUR recycled water look like?

Don't just read about it!

Experience it!

Join us for a site visit or apply for a live trial with our Demo Unit.

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Free Demo Unit

Free Demo Unit

The Process

The Process

H2O - Water - Agua - Eau - Wasser - Acqua - ماء

Water has become a focus, globally. Concerns about water scarcity and quality are on the rise. A more circular and therefore more sustainable economy requires valuing wastewater for its potential, rather than discarding or ignoring it.

More than just an alternative source of water, safe wastewater management could help protect our ecosystems and give us clean water, energy, nutrients and other recoverable materials.

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