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Water & Wastewater Systems Integration

HiLLSBRiDGE Global Water offers a complete in-house solution when it comes to water treatment.

Optimizing plant efficiency requires a whole process approach, starting with understanding YOUR UNIQUE needs to design a customized process, right through to operations and maintenance by our own team.

Project Life Cycle

  1. Project Delivery: (i) Feasibility & Viability stage (ii) Design stage (iii) Build & Commission
  2. Project Operations: Operations & maintenance by or supported by HGW team
  3. Reduce Risks:  Water recycling & reuse is profitable & reduces business risks.

What Value Do You Get?

  • BOT, BOO, BOOT models
  • Apply for a Live Demo Unit for optimized performance
  • Retrofit your building with the most compact system on the market
  • 37 Years’ experience in Nano-Technology with Ceramic Membranes
  • Full in-house design and commissioning, ensuring project cost control and meeting delivery schedules.
  • Remote operations and continuous monitoring through 24 hour manned operations control centers. 

Water Evaluation

There is no single solution for treating water. Water has different characteristics depending on where it comes from and a whole host of other variables. A detailed analysis is therefore essential to ensure the process Hillsbridge delivers is fit for purpose and tailored to your very special needs.

Our technical services team is highly skilled in water evaluation and process selection. Providing the samples of your raw water and the quality of water you need is all that is required. Then comes thorough testing, which provides all the answers regarding the process technologies required to treat your raw water to a quality that will support your operation.

Mobile Demo Plant

Thorough testing is one of the keys to the right solution which fits your needs. For that reason HILLSBRIDGE has developed unique small scale recycling units. Prior to any project, we will instantly recycle your wastewater on your site into high quality water for reuse.

These mobile plants are readily available and can be quickly adapted to meet specific project needs. Temporarily installed onsite they will mimic the performance of the proposed solution for that site and can be programmed to trial proposed modifications.

Design, Build, Commission


The tailored design that Hillsbridge provides to its clients offers the optimal water solution and considers elements such as plant management, operations and maintenance for the life of the project.

Developing technical concepts into full detailed design, is part of the design phase. The drawings show our clients the project in detail before and during plant manufacturing.


Hillsbridge manufactures the units locally with local partners. This philosophy allows to interfere between the design and fabrication phases, to reduce cost & impact on the environment due to transportation, as well as a timely delivery of the project.


Before any equipment leaves the workshop, all units are tested. This includes thorough and full wet-testing. Such practices ensure that onsite commissioning is minimized and site acceptance testing can focus on fine tuning to meet site-specific conditions.

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