Wastewater : the untapped

resource in your business

Water is among the Top 5 business risks because it as a direct impact on your operations and the success of your activity.
The answer to water risks is a circular water management. On site wastewater treatement & reuse increases profitability, economic resilience, and ecological sustainability. 

Hillsbridge is committed to future-proof your business with integrated turnkey solutions, customized to your needs. 

Avoid these common mistakes

Water recycling & reuse is getting tracktion and more businesses decide to integrate water recycling into their process. Chosing a service provider and technology leaves business owners & decision makers overwhelemed. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when integrating water recycling into your business. 

I.   Complicated Process

Complicated process designs are the result of trying to solve modern problems with conventional methods.


Drawbacks of Convesntional Processes:

II.   Conventional Equipment

Sandfilters, Mediafilters, Polymeric Membranes and other conventional technologies are consumable with many drawbacks. 


The main advantage of organic membranes is the low purchase cost due to low manufacturing costs. Polymer membrane technology is especially suitable for water desalination processes through reverse osmosis. But less suitable for industrial wastewater.

Drawbacks of Polymer Membranes:

  • Low recovery rate = Low lifetime & frequent exchange
  • Low chemical resistancy & Limited pH range
  • Low temperature range (usually < 45 deg.C)
  • Low potential for energy recovery
  • Sensitive to water hardness
  • High OPEX

III.   Wrong Investment Priorities

A low CAPEX goes along with a high OPEX. A loing terms approacht to managing your water is one key to success.


Sourcing of water & disposal of wastewater is a difficult and costly problem, facing evermore strignent regulations.


Thus, minimizing effluents for disposal as much as possible through recycling & reuse of the water back into the process makes sense. 

Therefore, the water treatment technology has to be chosen to efficiently operate as an integrated part of your process, which is, on long term. 

Why does it work?

Because size, shape & concentration matter

Every contaminant has its own specific size & shape. And every weastewater consists of a various concentrations of specific contaminants

Some are round, some are long and thin. Some float, others sink. Hillsbridge completely separates any contaminants from clean water, regardless of their size, shape or concentration. 

To compare:

  • Human hair is 75 micron in diameter, it's length can range from 1 mm to 1 meter. 
  • The number of contaminants (e.g. bacteria) in a water flow can vary considerably. Membranes act as a barrier, separating clean water from contaminants such as bacteria, viruses. 

We equiped our units with robust & long lasting ceramic membranes to efficiently treat wastewater. If required, a reverse osmosis stage is added to produce ultra pure water.

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Filtration Size Chart

The right decision-making process

Treateing wastewater on site comes with one major challange for technologies: fluctuations in concentrations of contaminants 

Conventional equipment have difficulties in handling fluctuations efficiently and autonomouisly. 

I.   Innovative & Compact 

Innovaticve & compact process design with few equipments installed in a digital framework: an IoT device with full transparency of operation. 


  • We don't sell equipment, we provide 360 degree solution including a feasibility Studys
  • Process design from watewater input to purified water output for reuse
  • From Project commissioning to Operation & Maitenance
  • Few treatment stages 
  • Compact & low surface requirements
  • Energy recovery
  • Low maintenance time & cost
  • Low/No sludge production

II.   Robust & Customized

Equiped with robust ceramic membranes at the heart of a customized process is key to efficient wastewater treatment. 


A tailored solution to you rrequirements and with ceramic membranes at its heart.

  • High chemical resistancy & pH range 0 to 14
  • High temperature range (< 100 deg C)
  • Energy recovery
  • Excellent water softening capacity
  • Low OPEX, fully automated with CIP
  • Separation of Dissolved Solids > 200 Dalton
  • Separatiom of solids > 0.001 Micron or 1 Nanometer

III.   Right Investment Priorities

Decision-making based on Life-Cycle Cost is the right choice and takes all elements of water recycling into the viability equation. 


Integrating water treatment into your business is a long term project with the aim to create long term benefits. 

Impact of CAPEX on Life-Cycle Cost is maximum 30%. The OPEX matters.

Cost Factors to concider

  • Membrane replacement
  • Labor cost for daily operation & maintenance
  • Chemical cost
  • Downtime cost due to repair works
  • Energy cost
  • Waste disposal cost (sludge, chemicals, ect.     

Comparison of Life Cycle Cost

Wastewater carries multiple values

  • Value in water

  • Value from water

  • Value thorugh water

While water itself has economic value as a product and service, wastewater contains additional value in the form of energy (heat) and nutrients. Draining wastewater results in the loss of these valuable resources.


Therefore, we encourage an efficient water use by:

  • integrating water recycling & energy recovery
  • reducing the CO2 Footprint of your business
  • reducing freshwater dependency


your trusted partner

We don't sell equipment. We provide integrated solutions as a water & wastewater systems integrator. 

1. We start with water qualities & balances

There is no “one size fits all”. We evaluate the quality of water to treat, and the quality of water you need.

2. We design, engineer & build water & wastewater systems. 

We integrate customized units including MEP works, tanks & pumps, and offer start-up, operation & maintenance services.

3. We operate & maintain remotely & on site.

Centralized log monitoring of our units. A remote access to HMI’s allows ease of operation, emergency management & carbon credit data collection.

Tailored water treatment to specific areas of application

We don't sell equipment.

We provide integrated solutions. 


add the

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Water has become a focus, globally. Concerns about water scarcity and quality are on the rise. A more circular and therefore more sustainable economy requires valuing wastewater for its potential, rather than discarding or ignoring it.

More than just an alternative source of water, safe wastewater management could help protect our ecosystems and give us clean water, energy, nutrients and other recoverable materials.

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