Based on cutting-edge membrane nano-technology, we produce clean water on your site.
Introducing the Plug & Play Solution.

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HILLSBRIDGE's Patented Water Recycling Technology

Selected Equipment
Engineered into a Unique Process

From coarse to fine.

Suspended solids are removed from your wastewater stream.

Ceramic membranes separate clean water from pollutants Not only bacteria, but also viruses are completely removed.

Reuse water which meets your requirements on your site. 

For the benefit of your business & the environment. 

Why Does It Work?  
Because Size Matters...

  • 1
    Stage 1 - PRETREATMENT
    Prior to its discharge, wastewater passes through screens and sieves to remove suspended solids. All kinds of coarse & fine materials are thereby removed such as pens, coins, hair, fibers, plastic, wood or metal pieces. Ideally, these solids are diverted towards Material Recycling Facilities.

  • 2
    Stage 2 - Clean Water Extraction
    Selected membranes extract clean water from wastewater. Microscopic pores of membranes allow water molecules to pass through the filter; separating clean water from contaminants. As such, dissolved molecules in water, including antibiotics and hormones, as well as heavy metals, bacteria and even viruses are completely removed - not only deactivated such as with traditional UV light. 

  • 3
    Clean & disinfected water is now safe to use and can be stored in storage tanks prior to use for a variety of purposes. At this stage, our client has saved on water & wastewater fees which, in return, improve their cash-flow. Besides economic benefits, our clients are actively contributing to a sustainable management of water resources.

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