• HiLLSBRiDGE Global Water (HGW) envisions a future where a modern, circular approach to water is the foundation for the next generation of water governance & water infrastructure. 
  • Onsite water reuse closes the loop for urban water systems, adding resilience to the water grid and lowering business risks.üFor many companies, water plays a critical role in ESG and corporate social responsibility performance. 
  • With growing challenges and concerns around pollution, climate change, clean energy & water, companies see the connection between a responsible, circular water management and their bottom line. 
  • For those, failing to act on improving their ESG profile, will face the threat of business interruptions, reputational and regulatory risks.üHGW promotes water stewardship with innovative turnkey solutions for the B2B sector. 
  • HGW doesn’t sell equipment, but provides integrated solutions evolved from decades of technology, water and industry expertise.üEfficient decentralized water management requires a system centered around Industry 4.0 design principles. 
  • The IoT device operates fully automatically with Centralized Log Management. Equipped with ceramic membrane technology at heart, the process is robust and modular.
  • HGW delivered Proof of Concept where conventional technologies failed. Along with public engagements in water awareness, HGW’s co-founder was rewarded “Outstanding Project Environment Manager of the Year” from ISGH (International Sustainable Government Housing) and AUD (American University – Dubai).
  • Value in Water

  • Value from Water

  • Value through Water

We encourage efficient water use by:

  • integrating water recycling & energy recovery in one system
  • reducing freshwater dependency
  • reducing the CO2 Footprint of the built environment.

H2O - Water - Agua - Eau - Wasser - Acqua - ماء

Water has become a focus, globally. Concerns about water scarcity and quality are on the rise. A more circular and therefore more sustainable economy requires valuing wastewater for its potential, rather than discarding or ignoring it.

More than just an alternative source of water, safe wastewater management could help protect our ecosystems and give us clean water, energy, nutrients and other recoverable materials.

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