About Us

The Water Equation

HiLLSBRiDGE Gloabal Water (HGW) was founded by seasoned experts & engineers from Luxembourg & France, having a globally unmatched know-how of 38 years in ceramic membrane nanotechnology.

In 2012, the founders of HGW realized the need to switch from a LINEAR to a CIRCULAR management of water resources.

The Water Equation is simple:

  1. The available water must cover our needs.
  2. The quality of water must not put our health / industrial processes at risk.
  3. Only ‘Water Management’ can balance ‘Needs - Availability - Quality’.

As a result, HGW developed a patented, modular & scalable water purification process, using proven & top-range equipment controlled by our own Process Management Software to purify contaminated water into WHO drinking water quality.

The Water Revolution

Our modern world still relies on centralized “mega-facilities” which are the oldest approach to wastewater management. These facilities are difficult to plan & expensive to build, operate & maintain. As a result, 80% of all wastewater globally is discharged without pollution removal.

The Water Solution

Water Restrictions only Mitigate Water Shortages!

From Linear to Circular...  For Multiple Purposes & Users.

In the context of water resources management, a circular water economy:

  • treats any water source to be fit for use;
  • recycles and reuses wastewater;
  • reduces city water consumption;
  • reduces pollution of water bodies;
  • recovers energy & materials;
  • mitigates greenhouse gas emissions;
  • enhances resilience to climate change.

History & Milestones

  • 2011         – Patent (Low Energy Water Recycling & Energy Recovery)
  • 2015         – Biogas Project with ENAGRA, Germany
  • 2018         – Pilot Unit with DP WORLD, Dubai
  • 2019         – Developed Solution for Commercial Laundries of the Hospitality Sector
  • 2020         – Developed Solution for HEALTH CARE sector (COVID-19), Dubai
  • 2021         – Proof of Concept delivered for Health Care Sector
  • 2021         – Recommended by CHRISTEYNS (in 50 countries)
  • 2022         – Implemented 1st of its kind Project for Groundwater Treatment in UAE

Meet Patrick Hoffmann - CEO

  • 2006   MSc. Waste Disposal Engineering (RWTH University Aachen – GER)
  • 2007   National Waste Management Plan for Luxembourg 2005-2010
  • 2008  Author: “Strategies of future municipal waste management” (ISBN13: 978-3843381680)

  • 2009   Relocated to RAK-UAE
  • 2009   MOU for waste management in RAK (Government of RAK & Luxembourg)
  • 2011   Nominated “Best Operating MRF in Arab countries” (COO of the MRF – Al Ain)

  • 2012  Patented Process for Combined Water Recycling & Energy Recovery
  • 2013  Water Extraction of Biogas Plant in Germany (Pilot Plant)
  • 2015/20  Piloting & Proof of Concept à Water Recycling of Hospitality & Health Care Sector

  • 2019   Nominated “Outstanding Project Environment Manager of the Year”
  • 2019   Member of the Committee - International Sustainable Government Housing - UAE
  • 2020   Scientific Advisory Board – University of Luxembourg
  • 2021   Developed 1st of its kind solution for brackish groundwater reuse