Innovative Water Treatment Tailored To Your Needs

Sustainable Landscale Irrigation

The Untapped Water Resources

For Landscape Irrigation


Innovative Equipment
Engineered into a Unique Process


Integrating Sustainable Practices in Landscape Irrigation

Requires Awareness of Hidden Drawbacks of Equipment & Systems Offered

Before Choosing a Landscape Water Treatment System

Consider the 3 Points Below:

I. Wrong Pump Station

Chosing the wrong Pump Station has major Negative Impacts on Efficiency & Opex


  • Flow Rate: too low or too high is not right.
  • Energy Consumption: the wrong pumps easily double energy expenses & OPEX.
  • Materiel: the wrong mateiral leads to a higher Capex & Opex.
  • Supply Chain:  Delivery time frame of pumps vary a lot. No pumps = no Water = no Savings.

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II. Wrong Treatment Technology

Convenional Technology such as Pressurized Sand Filters have many hidden drawbacks.


  • High Energy Consumption
  • High Backflush Water Needs
  • High OPEX (Energy, Manpower, Chemicals, etc.)
  • High Space requirement
  • Bacterial Growth inside the PSF
  • Chemicals to Clean the PSF
  • Waste Disposal of the Backflush Cycles, contaminated with Chemicals

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III. Wrong Water Use

You can only Manage what You can Measure! 

Unknown Water Quality is a Risk in Irrigation.


  • Failing to Comply with Technical Regulations
  • High Cost of Landscape Maintenance 
  • Impact on Plants
  • Impact on Soil
  • Visual impact on Community 
  • Blockage of Irrigation Network & Nozzles

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HiLLSBRiDGE Global Water engineered a 1st of its kind System, 

treating Untapped Water Resources for the use in Landscape Irrigation. 

Why Does It Work?  
Because it Combines  

Patented Irrigation Water Treatment & 

Active Quality Monitoring in ONE System

I. Right Pump Station

Chosing the right pumps delivers the right framework for an efficient water use:


  • Flow Rate: within a reasonable range to adapt to seasonal irrigation water needs. 
  • Energy Consumption: Low pressure to feed subsequent equipment with the right flow rate saves energy. 
  • Materiel: the right material resistant to the corrosive character of brackish water reduces Opex.
  • Supply Chain:  chosing internationally renowned pumps available locally, customized to handle corrosive water & heat maximizes operation time.

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II. Right Treatment Technology

Chosing our Innovative & custom made Technology 


  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Low Backflush Water Needs & Cycles
  • Low OPEX (Energy, Manpower, Maintenance, etc.)
  • Low Space requirement
  • Continuous & Fully Automated Operation & Cleaning in Place
  • No Chemicals Required
  • No Contaminated Waste Disposal  

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III. Right Water Use

You can only Manage what You can Measure! 

Monitor Your Water Quality for Peace of Mind.


  • Constant Savings In Irrigation Water Expenses
  • Comply with Technical Regulations & Sustainable  Urban Develoment Plans
  • No Unplaned Landscape Maintenance
  • Preserving Natural Beauty of Communities
  • No Blockage of Irrigation Network & Nozzles

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Sustainable Landscape Irrigation & 

Active Pond Management 

When it Rains... it Pours

This is particularily true in the UAE. 

Installing a Landscape Irrigation System contributes an Active Pond Management with multiple benefits:

  • Flood Prevention of Water Bodies
  • Eliminates Diesel Pump Rentals
  • Prevents Stagnent Water Bodies

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